Huber Heights, OH

JDI Handyman is proud to be the go-to destination for comprehensive home and business property maintenance solutions in Huber Heights. Our diverse range of specialized services is meticulously designed to align with your unique requirements, showcasing our unwavering dedication to enhancing the aesthetics, functionality, and value of both your living and working environments.

With a firm commitment to maintaining your properties in optimal condition, we specialize in property cleanouts and general property maintenance. Whether you're grappling with a neglected property in need of a thorough cleanout or aiming for regular upkeep to sustain its allure, our devoted team is ready to assist.


From rectifying unsightly wall imperfections to the skillful addition and removal of trim details, our meticulous craftsmanship breathes new life into your living or work spaces, leaving them revitalized and visually captivating.

Our adaptable hourly-rate services cater to a diverse array of repairs and tasks. From resolving commonplace household issues to addressing minor insulation and drywall concerns, we ensure your property maintains its impeccable state. Our unswerving commitment to property transformations and maintenance underscores our dedication to ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled home improvement and property maintenance with the reliable professionals at JDI Handyman. Reach out to us today to immerse yourself in our top-notch services, meticulously tailored for the community of Huber Heights.