Fairborn, OH

JDI Handyman is the ultimate destination for comprehensive home and business property maintenance solutions in Fairborn, Ohio. Our wide array of specialized services caters to a vast range of property maintenance needs, showcasing our resolute commitment to enhancing the visual appeal, functionality, and value of your residential and commercial spaces.

We specialize in property cleanouts and general property maintenance. Whether you're grappling with a neglected property that demands a thorough cleanout before being able to be used again, or seeking routine maintenance to prevent such cleanout needs, our dedicated team is poised to provide their expertise.


From remedying unsightly imperfections in your walls to the artful addition and removal of trim details, our services will bring renewed vitality into your living or working areas.

Recognized as the trusted handyman authorities in Fairborn, our flexible hourly-rate services are tailored to accommodate a diverse range of repairs and tasks. From resolving commonplace household issues to addressing minor insulation and drywall concerns, we're committed to maintaining the pristine condition of your property. Our steadfast dedication to property transformation and upkeep underscores our pledge to ensuring your complete satisfaction

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